Here is a list of my Hobbies and useful sites if you are interested:
  • Scuba diving is among one of my favorite activities.
    I really enjoy Wall diving in the Caribean, its scary but at the same time exciting. I also enjoy Drift Diving and Rec Diving.

    Below You will find some useful links if you are interested in Scuba Diving
  • One of my favorite past times is skiing

        I really enjoy the weather and the view in Mammoth Mountain.

    I find Skiing at Mammoth Mountain extremely exiting and at the same time relaxing. Below you will find some interesting sites containing informations on Skiing.
  • I am also interested on Movie making, Productions or Cinematography in other words.

        Movie making is really my personal favorite, I enjoy how special effects are used to bring images to life and how they are created simply by using cameras shooting at different angles and a computer. The visual aspects of a movie are extremely interesting to me.

    Here are some links to pages that I find interesting: