Dr. Nader Bagherzadeh

Office phone: (949) 824-8720
Ashkan Eghbal PhD Candidate
Pooria M. Yaghini PhD Candidate
Ronak Salamat PhD Candidate
Mehdi Torabzadeh PhD Student
Fereidoun Ahourai PhD Student
Jie Wu PhD Student
Lulwah A M J Alhubail PhD Student
PhD Alumni
Abdulaziz Alhussien Graduated (Ph.D.)- Research Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
Chifeng Wang Graduated (Ph.D.)- Now working at Broadcom
Jungsook Yang Graduated (Ph.D.)- Now working at NetApp Inc.
Wen-Hsiang Hu Graduated (Ph.D.)- Now working at NetApp Inc.
Akira Hatanaka Graduated (Ph.D.)
Seungeun Lee Graduated (Ph.D.)
Jun Ho Bahn Graduated (Ph.D.) - now at Qualcomm
Radha Guha Graduated (Ph.D.)
Nayla Nassif Graduated (Ph.D.) - now at NetApp
Marcelo Azevedo Graduated (Ph.D.) - currently a clustering architect at HP
Simin Shoari Graduated (Ph.D.)
Steve Wallace Graduated (Ph.D.)
Koji Suginuma Graduated (Ph.D.)
MS Alumni
Mohammad Umar Hakeem Graduated (M.S.) - now working at Qualcomm
Behdad Analui Graduated (M.S.)- now working at HGST
Mehrad Tavakoli Graduated (M.S.)- now working at Qualcomm
Min Soo Kim Graduated (M.S.)
Miquel Izquierdo Graduated (M.S.)
Yoonseok Yang Graduated (M.S.) - now a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M
Mark Pontius Graduated (M.S.)
Leonardo Lacerda Graduated (M.S.)
Omar Hassen Graduated (M.S.)
Dr. Alberto Del Barrio Visiting Scholar from
Complutense University of Madrid
Dr. Freek Visiting Scholar from
Radboud University in Nijmegen
Dr. Ayhan Demiriz Visiting Scholar from
Sakrya University, Turkey