EECS 170C Midterm Examination

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 in class


 Click here to download the sample midterm exam.

 Click here for the solution to the sample midterm exam.

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Exam guidelines:

  1. The examination will be open-book, open-note.  You may bring any written material you would like.
  2. The format of the examination will be short-answer.  Paper will be provided; you only need to bring a pencil.
  3. No communication devices of any kind will be allowed during the examination.  Any student found with such a device in use will receive an automatic zero on the exam.  
  4. Student ID with picture is required.

Material covered:

Material covered on the exam will include lectures through Tuesday April 29 and HW#1 through #4; in particular, the topics covered could include:

The TAs will be reviewing the sample midterm exam during the discussion sections held Monday of Week 6.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend these discussion sections.

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