EECS 170C Syllabus

Spring 2014



Prof. Michael Green, Instructor

2213 Engineering Hall

Dept. of EECS


Office Hours

Tu 3:00 - 4:30pm, Th 9:00 - 10:30am or by appointment

You are encouraged to make full use of these office hours

Lecture Times/Location

Tu Th 11:00am -- 12:20pm / MSTB 118

TA/Reader Information

2 TAs and 1 reader are assigned to this course.  Their contact information, office hours, etc., will can be found here.


Course Description

This is a course in the design and analysis of analog integrated circuits.  We will discuss a number of aspects of circuit design ranging from basic device operation through the design of large analog circuits including amplifiers and oscillators.  Circuit simulation will be used  throughout the course.

The detailed course schedule can be found here.


Students enrolled in this course are expected to be familiar with the following topics:

Course Objectives

Students completing this course will be able to:
  1. Analyze and design BJTs and MOSFETs circuits using large and small signal models under D.C. and A.C. conditions.
  2. Analyze and design multistage and differential amplifiers using BJTs and MOSFETs with current source and active loads. 
  3. Analyze and design amplifiers operating at high frequency.
  4. Understand the basic operation and topology of feedback amplifiers.


Grading Criteria

Your final grade will be based on the following:

Homework assignments10%
Lab reports20%
Midterm Examination30%
Final Examination40%


The grading for EECS170C and 170LC is combined -- you will be assigned the same grade for both courses. 

In the midterm and final examinations you will be tested on material from both 170C and 170LC.

In accordance with University regulations, your final course grade must be based solely on the above grading criteria.  Any other  items, such as (but not limited to) academic status, outside commitments, or performance in previous courses will not be considered in assigning the final course grade.  You are strongly advised not to ask the instructor or TAs to make exceptions to this policy.


Important Dates:

Tue. May 6 in classMidterm Examination (30% of grade)
Tue. June 10, 10:30am-12:30pm (location TBA)Final Examination
(40% of grade)



Homework assignments will be available for download (in pdf format) from the course web page each Tuesday following the lecture.  The solution to the previous week’s homework will also be posted at that time.  Completed assignments will be due the following Tuesday prior to the beginning of the lecture.  Homework assignments will count toward 15% of your grade.  Late homework assignments will be recorded and corrected but no credit will be given.   The corrected assignments will be handed back during your discussion section.  Be sure to indicate your discussion section number on your homework assignment.


Occasionally there is a mistake in the homework solutions. If you are the first student to catch such a mistake, you will receive one-half point (out of 100 points maximum) toward your total score for the course.



Laboratory assignments will alternate each week between circuit simulations and measurements.  

Circuit simulation labs will be assigned as part of the weekly homework assignments.  Simulations, which are run on the UNIX servers, can be done on any of the campus computing facilities.  In particular, the computing labs located on the 1st floor of Engineering Hall are open and available during the 170LC lab section times, and the TAs will be available in EH 1121 to provide help.  

Students are expected to be familiar with basic UNIX commands; some introductory material can be found here.  Instructions on running HSPICE/AWAVES can be found here.

Circuit measurement labs will be assigned on Fridays every other week and take place during your assigned laboratory section in EH 1121.  


The TAs will be  present during the laboratory section meeting times in EH 1121 during Week 1 for students who wish to review use of UNIX and learn about running HSPICE and Cadence circuit simualtion tools.

Discussion Sections

Discussion sections will begin right away starting Week 1.  Attendance at all discussion sections is highly recommended - most of the of the review material critical to this course will be presented by the TAs in these sections.  It will be in these sections that the TA will:



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