Welcome indeed, this site is under construction. This site is dedicated to the MorphoSys Research Project and the Advanced Computer Architecture Group At UCI. Here you will find useful information on MorphoSys, whether you are from industry, from academia, government or just interested, we certainly hope you find this site useful.

Introduction To MorphoSys

MorphoSys is a Reconfigurable Computer Architecture that is composed of a software programmable processing unit called TinyRISC and a reconfigurable hardware unit called RC Array. MorphoSys is currently running at 450MHz (simulated), using 0.13-micron technology and with an area of 8x8mm or 16x16mm with onchip memory.

Important Features of MorphoSys:

  • Coarse grain: MorphoSys operates on 8 / 16-bit data.
  • Configuration: RC array is configured by context words, which specify an instruction opcode for RC.
  • Depth of programmability: The Context Memory can store up to 32 planes of configuration.
  • Dynamic reconfiguration: Contexts are loaded into Context Memory without interrupting RC operation.
  • Local/Host Processor: The control processor (Tiny RISC) and RC Array are resident on the same chip.
  • Fast Memory Interface: Through DMA controller.

This site contains detailed information on MorphoSys, detailed information on MorphoSys' components and MorphoSys related information is divided in several sections.

  • Components -> TinyRISC (Software Programmable Processor)
  • Components -> RC Array (Reconfigurable Hardware Unit)
  • Components -> Frame Buffer (Data transfer between Main Memory and RC Array)
  • Components -> DMA (Direct Memory Access)
  • Components -> Context Memory (32-bit instruction words for RC Array)
  • Components -> Tools (Tools developed by ACAG for MorphoSys)
  • Projects -> Links to current ACAG projects.
  • About -> Links to publications, people and sponsors.

This is a picture of the MorphoSys Architecture.

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  • Postal address:
    University of California, Irvine
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  • General Info: MorphoSys@uci.edu

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