Context memory

The Context Memory is organized into two blocks (for row and column contexts) with each block having eight sets of sixteen context words. The RC Array configuration plane comprises eight context words (one from each set) from either the row or column block. Thus the Context Memory can store 32 configuration planes or 256 context words. Context register: Each RC is configured through a context word stored in a 32-bit Context Register. It is a part of each RC, whereas the Context Memory is separate from the RC Array. The field ALU_OP specifies ALU function. The control bits for Mux A and Mux B are specified in the fields MUX_A and MUX_B. Other fields determine the registers to which the result of an operation is written (REG #), and the direction (RS_LS) and amount of shift (ALU_SFT) applied to output. The context includes a 12-bit field for the constant

Context word format.

The context word also specifies whether a particular RC writes to its row/column express lane (WR_Exp). Depending upon the context, an RC can access the input of any other RC in its column or row within the same quadrant, or else select an input from its own register file. Context broadcast: The context is broadcast in either of two modes: row-wise or column-wise. Thus, all eight RCs in a row (or column) execute the same context. Context Memory organization: The Context memory has two blocks (one for each broadcast mode), each of which stores eight sets (since there are 8 rows/columns) of sixteen 32-bit context words. Selective context enabling: It is possible to enable one specific row or column for operation in the RC Array. This feature is primarily useful in loading data into the RC Array, but also allows irregular operations in the RC Array, for e.g. zigzag re-arrangement of array elements.

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