This section will provide a brief description of some of MorphoSys Simulation tools.


MuLate is a MS Windows based component oriented simulator of the MorphoSys architecture. Its functionality can be accessed by other programs by employing its COM interface capabilities.

TinyRISC View

RC Array View

Frame Buffer View


mView is a graphical interface developed for MorphoSys. The control signals (contexts) for the array of reconfigurable cells (RCs) can be graphically programmed from within mView. A VHDL model of the RC array generates cycle-by-cycle simulation results that can be read and displayed by mView. mView is written entirely in Tcl/Tk, and is portable across Windows-, Unix-, and Macintosh systems.


SUIF is a TinyRISC 32-bit ISA v1.0 compiler.


mLoad is a Perl script tool that converts MorphoSys Row/Column Context from Assembly Language to contexts words (32bit binary and 8 hexadecimal words), which is required by MuLate.


Trasm is a Perl script tool that converts TinyRISC Assembly Language into hex words ( 8 hex vlues ) for MuLate.

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MorphoSys V3.0
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