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  Current Members of the Laboratory

  Keyue M. Smedley, Professor

  Lihua Li, Ph.D. Candidate

  Jun Wen, Ph.D. Candidate

  Chiawei Su, Ph. D. Student

  In Wha Jeong, Ph. D. Student

  Tong Chen, Ph. D. Student

  Tam H. Duong, MS. Student

  Allison Auld, MS. Student

  Chih-Sheng Liao, MS. Student

  Hao Chen, MS. Student

  Mingying Gu, MS. Student

  Kan Zhang, MS. Student



 Previous Members of the Laboratory

 UCI Power Electronics Ph. D.

 Zheren Lai, Ph. D. 1997

 Mark Smith, Ph. D. 1999

 Chongming Qiao, Ph. D. 2002

 Taotao Jin, Ph. D. 2005

 Yang Chen, Ph. D. 2005


 UCI Power Electronics M.S.

 Aroonchat Chatchaikarn, MS 2000.

 Jiong Huang, MS 2001.

 Zan Huang, MS student, Sep. 2001-Jun. 2003.

 Lihua Li, MS student, Sep. 2002-Sep. 2004.

 Luis Sanchez, MS student, Sep. 2002-Jun. 2005.


 Ph. D. Students

 Kuo-tung Sun, Ph. D. student 1994-1995.

 Xiaofan Chen, Ph. D. student, Sep. 2002-June 2003.

 Hubert Lee, Ph. D. student, Sep. 2003-June 2004.

 Marc David-Marsh, Ph. D. Student, 2004-2006.


 MS. Students

 Gorden Wanlass, MS 1996.

 Xiaoqiang Shou, MS 1999.

 Yicun Sun, MS. Student, Sep. 2000-June 2002.

 Weichuang Zhang, MS student. 2002-2004

 Ethan Matthes, MS student, 2004-2005.



 Visiting Professors

 Zhengming Zhao, Ph. D. from China, 1996-1997.

 Dong Tan, Ph. D. Lecturer from TRW 1995-1997.

 Enrico Santi, Ph. D. Lecturer from TeslaCo. 1996-1997.

 Luowei Zhou, MS. Visiting Professor from China 9/1998-9/1999.

 Zhiping Dai, MS. Visiting Professor from China 8/1999-2/2000.

 Franco Maddaleno, Ph. D. Visiting Professor from Italy, 1999-2002.

 Kwon Young Ahn, Ph. D., from Korea, July 1999-July 2000.

 Xiangning He, Ph. D. from China, 2002.

 Guozhu Chen, Ph. D. from China Jan. 2002-April 2004.

 Alex Abramovitz, Ph. D., from Israel, Aug. 2003-Mar. 2004.

 Vatche Vorperian, Ph. D. Lecturer from JPL, 2004.

 M. A. Pai, Ph. D., from University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, 2004-2005.

 Eui Cheol Nho, Ph. D., from Pusan University, South Korea, Jan. 2005-April 2006.

 Henry Chung, Ph. D., from Hong Kong City University, July-Aug. 2005.


 Visiting Scholars

 Yunhong Ma, MSEE, Visiting Scholar from China 1994-1996.

 Karsten Nielson, MSEE, Visiting Ph. D. student from Denmark 1997-1997

 Isao Matussura, MSEE, Visiting Scholar from Japan 1997-1998.

 Mor Hezi, BSEE, Visiting Student from Italy 1997-1998.

 Giusepper Tortorici, BSEE, Visiting Student from Italy 1998-1998.

 Parviz Parto, MS, Visiting Scholar from Sweden 7/1998-11/1999.

 Chuanwen Ji, Visiting Scholar from China, 7/1998-12/1999.

 Kwon Young Ahn, Visiting Professor from Korea, 7/1999-6/2000.

 Domingo de Jesus Cortes Rodriguez, Visiting Ph. D. student from Mexico. Sep. 2000-

 Dec. 31, 2000.

 Yaoping Liu, Visiting Scholar from China, 2001-2002.

 Sergio Serena, Italy, 2001.

 Francois Vacher, Visiting Ph. D. student from France, 2002.

 Edoardo Maria Guiotto, M.S. Student, 2002-2003.

 Song Liu, Visiting Scholar from China, 2002-2003.

 Rosario Panano, Visiting Ph. D. Student from Italy, Jun. -Oct. 2004.

 Thomas Scheel Hjæresen, Visiting MS. Student from Denmark, Jan. 2004-Aug. 2004.

 Anders Lind, Visiting MS Student, from Technical University, Denmark, 2005.