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The Duomo , built during the years 1290-1320, is a Gothic-Romanesque style church, its facade a mix of marble and mosaics. Inside Duomo Luca Signorelli's frescoes (1499) in San Brizio's Chapel.

The Pozzo di San Patrizio (Saint Patrick's well) is a well built in the period 1527-1537, based on a design of Antonio da Sangallo, and its famous double helix staircase (something like DNA :-) will let you walk down into the well (62 meters or 200 feet, 248 steps for each ramp) and come back up again without retracing your steps. It was useful to carry out water with donkeys.

The Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (1160), which was the city hall in the Middle Ages, has now been transformed into a convention center.

Next to the Duomo, the Papal Palace is now a museum of medieval artefacts. Its basement hosts contemporary artist Emilio Greco's bronze sculptures. Emilio Greco is also the author of the Duomo's new doors (1968).

There is also an Etruscan Museum in front of the cathedral and an Etruscan Cemetery just outside the town.

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