Week 1 - Course Overview; Circuits Review; Fabrication Basics

Description of the main objectives of the class, the organization of the lab and the final project. Quick review of circuits.

Lecture 2 notes (Circuits Review)

Lecture 3 notes (Robot Design)

Suggested reading

  • System Dynamics Ch. 6: Electrical and Electromechanical Systems

Homework (Optional)

Homework #1

Homework #1 - Solution

Week 2 - Circit Analysis; Intro to Arduino Programming

Lecture 4 notes (Electrical Power)

Lecture 6 notes (1st Order ODEs)

Suggested reading

  • System Dynamics p. 563-564 Digital control systems

Week 4 - How DC Brushed Motors Work; Intro to Controls

Lecture 10 notes (DC Brushed Motors)

Lecture 11 notes (Control Concepts blank)

Lecture 11 notes (Control Concepts filled in)

Suggested reading

  • System Dynamics Ch. 6.5,6.6: Electric Motors
  • System Dynamics Ch. 9.5 Introduction to Block Diagrams
  • System Dynamics Ch. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 Introduction to Feedback Control Systems

Nubian music from Sudan

DC Brushed motor movie

DC Brushed motor animation

Characteristics of DC motors

DC motor calculations

Mathematical modeling of DC motors

Useful conversion

Inside a servomotor

Inside a servomotor 2

Homework (Optional)

Homework #3

Homework #3 - Solution


Week 8 - Experimental Design; Mathematical Modelling

Week 9 - Experimental Verification

Week 10 - Final Project: Section Competitions