Visualization of large medical data sets requires advanced techniques in image processing and data reduction. InVIS is an interactive rendering system for visualization of compound data sets, comprising volumetric and geometric data.

The kernel of the InVIS system is a time-controlled rendering pipeline, which accepts biological and medical data sets derived from CT or MRI scanners and confocal laser scanning microscopes, as well as artificial, geometric data from CAD systems. A flexible import module allows for easy adaptation to new data types. The system can be customized to provide different user-specific views of the data, including 2D/3D preview tools, surface reconstruction, and volume raycasting. In contrast to other systems, a fixed frame rate is maintained throughout the pipeline in order to ensure immediate response to the user's action. Interactive behavior is an essential feature of the system, because it enables the user to manipulate and adjust the visualization straight on demand.

Due to adaptive hierarchical refinement, which guarantees interactive response rates at any time, the system automatically adapts to the latest hardware technologies and software developments available, and therefore is ready for future improvements in OpenGL-compatible rendering technology.

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(by Christian Petzer, TU Vienna).

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