Depatment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine

J. Michael McCarthy

(714) 824-6893,

James E. Bobrow

(714) 824-4116,

Research Focus
The laboratory specializes in design and control of spatial mechanical systems for advanced robotics and automation.

People in UCI Robotics & Automation Lab

Prof. McCarthy's Research Projects

Prof. Bobrow's Research Projects

Graduate Students

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Ph.D. Students

Garett Sohl
Chia-Yu (Eric) Wang
D. Alan Ruth
Juanita Vargas-Cordoba Albro
Craig Takahashi
Butch Timoszyk
Shawn Ahlers
Maria Alba Perez




M.S. Students

Lance Kwock
Eric Kim
Craig Proctor
Da-Yu Chang
Karen Zhou
John King
Richard Srisamang
Justin Kleber



Tony Nguyen
Dr. Scott Ploen
Prof. Curtis Collins
Dr. Bryan Martin
Prof. Andrew Murray
Prof. Pierre Larochelle
Dr. John Dooley
Dr. Mohan Bodduluri
Prof. Jeffrey Ge



Visiting Scholars

Dr. Pierre Dauchez
Dr. Francois Pierrot
Prof. Warren P Seering
Prof. Thomas Chase

Research Collaborations

Prof. Judy M. Vance


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