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EG 4203, (949) 824-6893,

Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis of Constrained Robotic Systems

We are developing Java software with OpenGL graphics for the design and anylsis of constrained robotic systems. These systems consist of a workpiece, or end-effector, that is supported by one or more articulated serial chains, each of which imposes a constraint on its movement. The constraints provide structural support in certain directions while allowing freedom of movement in others.

Robotics and Automation Laboratory

EG 3140, (949) 824-8051

Geometric Design of Linkages

Follow this link to access a gallery of figures prepared for this book.

Course Descriptions

The descriptions and web pages for my courses in linkage design, robotics and theoretical kinematics. You will find a downloadable version of our linkage design software SphinxPC.

Speech for UCI's Honors Convocation, June 18, 1999

I was honored to be the faculty speaker at the 22nd UCI Honor's Convocation. Apparently this is the first time a faculty member from the School of Engineering has given this address. There were over 100 faculty and over 2000 students and parents in attendance.

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